A farmland company launched in 2006

Today, food production and consumption are to be considered in a broader context, combining agriculture, energy, and food safety. In response, the farmland company Campos was created to transform poorly managed or under-exploited farmland in order to optimise the mix between livestock farming and field crops while maximising their productivity. The streamlining and optimisation of the activities carried out also make it possible to offer substantial prospects for land development. However, these operations are subject to risks, particularly those inherent in agriculture.

PERGAM’s convictions

The population will continue to grow, creating as many new mouths to feed, while the usable agricultural land continues to decrease.

The theme of food security is becoming a national priority in many countries, and access to resources is a real challenge.

Why South America?

For its soil quality, know-how in large-scale agriculture, and relatively low land prices compared with those in the northern hemisphere (Europe, USA).

The region is a major player in the production and exporting of foodstuffs and is not dependent on subsidies.


Identification and acquisition of poorly managed or undeveloped agricultural assets to optimise the mix between livestock farming and field crops.

Restructuring acquired properties by a local operational team that has been working together for 15 years, then disposition of assets that have reached maturity.

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