FPCI: Pergam Aurickx 2   (Closed)

Pergam and Aurickx have decided to pool their skills as well as their deal flow to co-invest in unlisted growth companies or in opportunistic deals.

Pergam Aurickx 2 is an FPCI (professional private equity fund) in the fundraising phase managed by Pergam and advised by Aurickx Capital.

Aurickx Capital was founded by Charles-Henri Le Bret in 2013. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and has 25 years of professional experience in investment banking (M&A, capital markets) at JP Morgan (15 years) and at UBS, where he was responsible for investment banking activities for France. He created a first closed investment vehicle consisting of a dozen lines of unlisted European mid-caps for an initial asset value of approximately 25 million euros.

Pergam Aurickx 2 favours a club deal spirit with its investors, bringing together a limited number of investors from the corporate world, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and family offices.

Sébia: Based in France, Sébia is a specialty in-vitro diagnostic company which develops manufactures and sell instruments and reagents used to analyse proteins to detect specific diseases like multiple myeloma.
Initiated by CVC this investment closed in january 2018.
Cem’In’Eu: Based in France, Cem’In’Eu is developing a unique european network of small standardized clinker production facilities located at the hart of consumption areas. It provides an inovative sourcing, logistical and production concept for cement in Europe. The company has been seeded by Pergam and Cem 21 in 2015, and raised €40M in january 2018.
Envision Healthcare: Based in the USA, Envision Healthcare provides team of physicians and medicine services to hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and care facilities.
Initiated by KKR this investment closed in november 2018.
Green Yellow: Based in France, Casino’s subsidiary Green Yellow develops and builds electricity producing solar platforms roof tops and parking covers. It also helps clients optimise their energy bill and electricity sourcing.
Tikehau led this capital raising in january 2019.
The RealReal: Founded in the US in 2011 by Julie Wainwright, TRR is the leading market place for second hand luxury goods; which allows its members to buy or sell their accessories after inspection and authentification by TRR teams.
e.Ventures and Greycroft, long time business partner to Pergam, led this capital raising in march 2019.
SAPIAN : Ancienne filiale française du groupe Danois ISS, SAPIAN (anciennement Hygiène & Prévention) est un des leaders français des services d’hygiène et de sécurité des bâtiments et intervient sur 4 segments : hygiène de l’air, assainissement, maîtrise des nuisibles et protection incendie. Le groupe est présent sur tout le territoire français et compte plus de 48 000 comptes actifs.
Ce LBO primaire a été réalisé par Weinberg Capital Partners.
ECOMIAM : Ecomiam est le 3ème acteur de la distribution spécialisée de produits frais surgelés en France avec 27 magasins essentiellement en Bretagne et un taux de croissance annuelle du CA de 40%.
La société se différencie de ses concurrents (Picard et Thiriet) grâce à son concept original de vente de produits surgelés développé autour d’une gamme courte de 300 produits 100% français, majoritairement non transformés , et en se développant avec des affiliés. Présente sur Internet, la société livre en 48h partout en France métropolitaine.
La société a été introduite en bourse le 9 octobre 2020.

Our Partners

Private Equity Fund
Investment Companies
Founding CEO
Family Offices

Our clients

Growing companies:

  • Sectors: business services, consumer goods, healthcare, industry
  • Competitive advantages: pricing power, barriers to entry, structurally high ROCE
  • Alignment of management: agility and performance

Opportunistic deals:

  • Protective entry price
  • Short holding period (approximately two to four years)
  • Value added deals with attractive cashflows and clear exit

Our Financial instruments

  • Equity
  • Convertible bonds
  • Any instrument giving access to capital

An atypical mode of operation:

The financing round consists of individuals from the corporate, investment, and family office world whose expertise is used on certain deals. Possible co-investments on favourable terms alongside Pergam Aurickx 2 for fund investors.

An active cash segment:

Pergam Aurickx 2 may hold up to 15% cash and/or listed securities. This cash segment is intended to support IPOs in particular. Pergam Aurickx 2 may also take advantages of inefficiencies in the monitored sectors.

A unique deal flow:

Pergam and Aurickx Capital have developed numerous relationships: private equity funds, investment banks, and international family groups. Pergam Aurickx 2 provides a unique opportunity to co-invest with the major recognised players in Private Equity under preferred conditions.

Number of co-investments

Between 10 and 12 lines in the portfolio

Maximum % of the fund per issuer



No leverage

Investment Period

5 years

Sectoral concentration

Maximum 25% on a sector

Foreign exchange

No systematic currency hedging


Pergam Aurickx 2

Legal form

FPCI (Professional private equity fund)


Listed and unlisted investment funds


CACEIS Bank France

Financial Manager


Risk profile (1: Low – 7: High)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Recommended investments period

8 + 1 + 1 years

Allocation of earnings

Accumulation (partial distribution possible after the 5-year lock-up period for tax purposes)


Biannual, 30 June and 31 December

Minimum initial investment

250,000 euros

Initial net asset value

1,000 euros

Management fee

1.90% TTC including taxes per year

Carried Interest

15% beyond a performance of 7% per year with catch up

Subscription fee


Redemption fee



Reserved for “professional investors”

Contact us

49-51 avenue George V
75008 PARIS

Phone : +33 1 53 57 72 00
e-mail : contact@pergam.net