FPCI: Pergam Aurickx 2

Pergam and Aurickx have decided to pool their skills as well as their deal flow to co-invest in unlisted growth companies or in opportunistic deals.

Pergam Aurickx 2 is an FPCI (professional private equity fund) in the fundraising phase managed by Pergam and advised by Aurickx Capital.

Aurickx Capital was founded by Charles-Henri Le Bret in 2013. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and has 25 years of professional experience in investment banking (M&A, capital markets) at JP Morgan (15 years) and at UBS, where he was responsible for investment banking activities for France. He created a first closed investment vehicle consisting of a dozen lines of unlisted European mid-caps for an initial asset value of approximately 25 million euros.

Pergam Aurickx 2 favours a club deal spirit with its investors, bringing together a limited number of investors from the corporate world, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and family offices.

Our Partners

Private Equity Fund
Investment Companies
Founding CEO
Family Offices

Our clients

Growing companies:

  • Sectors: business services, consumer goods, healthcare, industry
  • Competitive advantages: pricing power, barriers to entry, structurally high ROCE
  • Alignment of management: agility and performance

Opportunistic deals:

  • Protective entry price
  • Short holding period (approximately two to four years)
  • Value added deals with attractive cashflows and clear exit

Our Financial instruments

  • Equity
  • Convertible bonds
  • Any instrument giving access to capital

An atypical mode of operation:

The financing round consists of individuals from the corporate, investment, and family office world whose expertise is used on certain deals. Possible co-investments on favourable terms alongside Pergam Aurickx 2 for fund investors.

An active cash segment:

Pergam Aurickx 2 may hold up to 15% cash and/or listed securities. This cash segment is intended to support IPOs in particular. Pergam Aurickx 2 may also take advantages of inefficiencies in the monitored sectors.

A unique deal flow:

Pergam and Aurickx Capital have developed numerous relationships: private equity funds, investment banks, and international family groups. Pergam Aurickx 2 provides a unique opportunity to co-invest with the major recognised players in Private Equity under preferred conditions.

Number of co-investments Between 10 and 12 lines in the portfolio
Maximum % of the fund per issuer 15%
Leverage No leverage
Investment Period 5 years
Sectoral concentration Maximum 25% on a sector
Foreign exchange No systematic currency hedging
Minimum investment €250,000 per investor called over 5 years
Name Pergam Aurickx 2
Legal form FPCI (Professional private equity fund)
Classification Listed and unlisted investment funds
Custodian Caceis Bank France
Financial Manager PERGAM
Risk profile (1: Low – 7: High) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Recommended investments period 8 + 1 + 1 years
Allocation of earnings Accumulation (partial distribution possible after the 5-year lock-up period for tax purposes)
Valuation Biannual, 30 June and 31 December
Minimum initial investment 250,000 euros
Initial net asset value 1,000 euros
Management fee 1.90% TTC including taxes per year
Carried Interest 15% beyond a performance of 7% per year with catch up
Subscription fee None
Redemption fee None
Investors Reserved for “professional investors”

Contact Us

49-51 avenue George V
75008 PARIS

Phone: + 33 1 53 57 72 00
e-mail : contact@pergam.net