Real estate in the United States

10 years of real estate experience in the United States

Since 2009-2010, Pergam has put in place various real estate investment programmes in the United States. Pergam structures its investments and guides them according to the deployed strategy: PERGAM Properties I and II and co-investment in Pergam California or Pergam West Coast, which focus on residential and commercial real estate. In particular, regions with strong demographics and job growth are targeted. Pergam selects experienced, well-known operators with a “business” approach and not just a financial approach. What these operators have in common is their successful management of the crisis of 2008 and their deep experience in their reference market.

Why Investments in real estate in the US?

The real estate sector (office, commercial, residential) had rallied significantly, with a rise in housing starts and building permits.

Americans’ real estate purchasing power was at its highest, thanks to 30-year mortgage rates below 3.5% and attractive prices.

Strong American demographics supported demand, +2.7 million inhabitants per year, which required the construction of 1.4 million new homes a year, i.e. triple the number of housing starts in 2009.

Value creation

Sectoral and geographical allocation: presence in residential, commercial, and office sectors on the West Coast and in the Sunbelt, regions that combine the strongest demographic and economic growth with the highest barriers to entry.

Associating with specialist operators that weathered the crisis and create value throughout the life of the assets by restructuring and optimising them.

Four Investment

Pergam Properties I and II Pergam California Pergam West Coast.

Pergam has one employee on the US west coast who monitor investments.

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