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Ever upwards…

Portfolio manager’s commentary   4 February 2021   Ever upwards...   The winners of the pandemic are tech stock. A group of companies that turned over $100bn in just one quarter is continuing to grow. The financial might of these companies and their...

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Thoughts for 2021

Thoughts for 2021   27 January 2021   Our focus for 2021 After an unprecedented and intense year in 2020, we would like to wish you all the very best for 2021, hoping to emerge stronger together and looking forward to shared opportunities. « French Tech has...

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The limit of market complacency

Portfolio manager’s commentary   February 12, 2020   The limit of market complacency   As coronavirus paralyses China and poses a major risk to global growth, the financial markets are ignoring the potential economic impacts. Not only does China account...

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Return to fundamentals

Portfolio manager’s commentary  Octobre, 29 2019  Return to fundamentals If we set aside geopolitical considerations which are, by their very nature, unpredictable and currently a source of considerable anxiety, we can analyse recent market...

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Will there be any obstacles in 2019?

Portfolio manager’s commentary  January 15, 2019  Will there be any obstacles in 2019?   Global equities declined sharply in the fourth quarter in many markets, with the S&P index losing 14% in the last quarter and ending the year down 6.2%, and the...

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The major challenges of the autumn

Portfolio manager’s commentary  September 7, 2018  The major challenges of the autumn   Firstly, renewed tensions in Europe. The monetary crisis in Turkey in August has led to a 45% collapse of the Turkish lira against the euro in 2018. This crisis has...

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Winners and losers

Portfolio manager’s commentary  May 31, 2018  Winners and losers   The luxury sector (LVMH, Kering, and L’Oréal) drove the Parisian index up, placing it at the top of European indices. These companies have benefited from renewed global growth and rising...

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L’art de maîtriser l’inflation

The art of controlling inflation The stock markets continued their progress until the publication of the employment report in the United States at the end of January. The latter reported an increase in wages that pushed inflation upward. For example, American rates at...

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A summer without spirit

A summer without spirit Three major events punctuated this summer 2017: first, the geopolitical tensions around the North Korean record were vivid around the verbal threats of Kim Jong-Un echoing Donald Trump's tweets. These events resulted in an increase in the VIX,...

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