Pergam Global Fund

Flexible and international management without constraint as to asset class, currency
or geographical area.

The objective of the fund is to generate performance over the long term through four performance drivers: flexible asset allocation, listed securities, UCITS and equity trading.

Investment policy

The asset allocation is representative of our economic vision and our expectations of market trends, by geographical area and by sector. This flexibility allows for a high degree of responsiveness to major changes in the financial markets.

Our experts select listed securities, in shares and/or bonds, according to criteria proven by experience (attractive valuation, quality management, clear strategy).

For UCITS, our team selects experienced managers who practice conviction-based management. Promising new funds with young talent are also included.

Equity trading is also used to take advantage of volatility and market anomalies over very short periods.


VL €

( part I )


VL €

( part R )

AUM : 21.11 M€
Euro share I Cap ISIN code:
Bloomberg Code:
Legal form:
SICAV UCITS V under French law
Classification :
International Diversification / Fund of Funds
Oddo BHF
Delegated manager:
Risk Profile SRI:
Recommended investment period:
7 years
Allocation of the results:
Subscription / redemption deadline date and time:
Friday before noon Paris time
Minimum subscription:
10 000 Euros
Original net asset value:
100 Euros
Management costs:
Subscription fee:
2% max. not vested in the fund
Redemption fee:
Performance fee:
10% above an annualised performance of 4%
Countries authorised for marketing:

Performance as of 01/12/2023 (PART I)

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First UCITS lines in portfolio (as of 31/10/2023 )

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First STOCKS lines in portfolio (as of 31/10/2023 )

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First BONDS lines in portfolio (as of 31/10/2023 )

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Geographical distribution cash excluded (as of 31/10/2023 )

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Performance is not constant over time and does not indicate future performance.

The sub-fund of the SICAV, which is incorporated under French law, is authorised for marketing in France. The risks and costs associated with investing in a UCITS are described in the Key Investor Information Document for this UCITS, which can be downloaded from this website. Pergam invites those concerned to take note of it. The Key Investor Information Document must be delivered to the subscriber prior to subscription. The investment strategy of the UCITS does not take into account criteria relating to compliance with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives.

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Amel joined PERGAM in 2021 after 8 years of experience in the field of customer care.

Amel holds a BTS in accounting.

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