Pergam Spirit of America

An investment structure dedicated to the food sector on the North American continent.

(Investment made by a Luxembourg FIA, reserved for professional investors and closed for subscription)

Co-investing in distinctive projects in a rapidly changing sector.

Background and market

A sector in full development due to new food trends around quality, authentic and local products and changes in consumption patterns (the explosion of deliveries and take-away sales).

In this context, new players are emerging and turning to private equity to finance their growth. Against the grain of the traditional food industry, these new entrants are overturning markets and disrupting

PERGAM know-how

Pergam has made 2 investments in the food sector: BurgerFi (organic and natural hamburger restaurants) and Rori's (organic artisanal ice cream manufacturer).

3 principal investment criteria are targeted

Distinctive products or services, already popular with consumers in premium market segments

Highly committed
« owner operators ».

A business model that can be duplicated and products that generate regular cash flow over time.

Our others

Pergam Aurickx 2
A fund to co-invest in unlisted companies

Pergam Industry
An industrial start-up that operates in the cement sector.

Pergam Hospitality
LHTP: innovative concept of the hotel industry



Amel joined PERGAM in 2021 after 8 years of experience in the field of customer care.

Amel holds a BTS in accounting.

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