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Cem’In’Eu : Nominee for Cement Plant of the Year 2019

Portfolio manager’s commentary

Trump attacks!

Portfolio manager’s commentary   June 5, 2019   <h1Trump attacks!   As a warmonger would, Donald Trump has opened hostilities, simultaneously leading a trade war (imported goods) and a technological war (intellectual property, patent law). His enemies are clearly...

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News / TV

BFM 17/10/2019

Market trends: Sabrina Quagliozzi, Vanessa Bonjean, Aymeric Diday, Daubry, Gregori Volokhine, Gilles Moëc, Didier Saint-Georges, Delphine Liou, Béatrice Philippe, Antoine Lesné, Gilles Bazy-Sire, et Andrea Tueni October 17, 2019 Aymeric Diday, directeur de la gestion...

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