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November 23, 2020

VTG VTG has successfully placed bonds in an amount of EUR 746 million on the US and European capital markets…

Portfolio manager’s commentary

The limit of market complacency

Portfolio manager’s commentary   February 12, 2020   The limit of market complacency   As coronavirus paralyses China and poses a major risk to global growth, the financial markets are ignoring the potential economic impacts. Not only does China account...

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News / TV

B-SMART 02/11/2020

B-SMART 02/11/2020

News, analysis and comment from the SMART Bourse November 2, 2020 Mr. Diday, director of management under the mandate of Pergam has deciphered market trends. -Full scholarship from Monday, November 2, 2020, presented by Grégoire Favet, on B SMART Bourse.

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