Investment in cement in Europe

A cement group which imports clinker on the international market to create standardised, modular, and easily dismantled cement production units at the heart of trading areas. This innovative concept should make it possible to capture market shares of 6% to 8% locally in France and some European countries

It is an innovative, flexible approach to the business with major breakthroughs in the supply, logistics, production, and sale of cement.

Four disruptive forces

Clinker Supply

Clinker is the raw material of cement. It has a low supply cost due to strong production capacity in Asia and Europe.


Cem’In’Eu uses high-end clinker packaging through pressurised containers. The company benefits from a low carbon footprint resulting from the transport of clinker by waterway or rail.


Cem’In’Eu uses standardised, easily dismantled crushers requiring little capital expenditure.


Sales are made through two channels: bulk (concrete plants and prefabrication) and direct sales to professionals excluding wholesalers and traditional DIY stores (bag)


Cem’In’Eu has establishments in five strategic locations: three in the heart of the French market and two in Europe (Poland and South London).

These establishments offer consumers a quality alternative to their often single supplier.

Our partner

Pergam invests alongside professionals who are highly experienced in the business with a solid track record in the development and management of projects of this scale and in the operational management of this type of unit. Pergam’s clients have already invested in two deals in this sector.

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