Telecommunication towers in Africa

Founded in 2001, IHS is a leader in telecommunication towers in Africa and the Middle East. Pergam started investing when IHS owned 3,500 towers in 2013. Today, the company is present in five countries in Africa, the Middle East, in South America and has more than 27,000 towers. Pergam organised co-investments in this promising sector for its clients between 2013 and 2015. IHS offers high visibility on long-term cash flows and a defensive business model. Its co-leasing strategy boosts gross margins.

Why invest?

Over the past 13 years, IHS has successfully developed throughout the tower sector’s value chain, from construction to leasing as well as maintenance on behalf of mobile operators.

IHS has posted revenue growth of more than 60% over the last five years. IHS offers a strong dynamic through its projects, its quality management teams, and prospects for balanced and profitable development in several large promising African countries.

A few figures

2017 revenue: $1,107M
Employees: around 2,000
No. 1 in Africa
Number of towers in the portfolio: 27,000
Present in five countries

Why Africa?

IHS is driven by the major trends that make Africa a strong growth zone for telecom infrastructure (economic and demographic growth, mobile penetration rate of 71%, rapid modernisation of mobile Internet services) and benefits from specific fundamentals giving it strong growth momentum for the coming years.

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